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Installation of charging stations

Call Éconoprix Électrique for a quote. 438-802-1789  5799-0095-01
Éconoprix Électrique offers a charging station installation service in Montreal

Installation of home, semi-fast and fast charging stations in Montreal

For installation of charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles, call on Éconoprix Électrique.

Our versatile electrician specializes in the installation of :

  • Home charging stations,
  • Semi-rapid charging stations,
  • Fast charging stations,

Tell him what you need. The technician will give you useful advice on the charging point best suited to the characteristics of your vehicle.

Recharge your vehicle with ease! Contact Éconoprix Électrique, a company specializing in the installation of charging stations.

Charging point installation West Island
My services
  • Electrical installation work in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors
  • Electrical entrance installation
  • Underfloor heating installation
  • LED conversion
  • Connection of swimming pools and spas
  • Smart home configuration
  • Installation of charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Maintenance of Hydro-Québec wiring
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical panels
  • Electrical renovation, verification, inspection and troubleshooting
  • Emergency service for electrical problems
My advantages
  • 20 years of experience
  • Expertise
  • Technical versatility
  • Compliance with safety standards
Operating areas
  • Montreal and surrounding areas.

A methodical electrician specializing in the installation of charging stations

To install an electric charging station, the electrician at Éconoprix Électrique first determines the type of station to be installed, based on the vehicle you own.

He will then choose the ideal location for the device. To do this, the professional takes a number of factors into account, including the power supply, wiring distance and space constraints.

Finally, they install and commission the equipment.
Our areas of expertise include servicing electrical panels and connecting swimming pools and spas.

You can also entrust us with electrical installation work on a one-off or emergency basis.

The electrician at Éconoprix Électrique takes care of the selection, installation and commissioning of electric charging stations in Montreal.

Electric and hybrid vehicle charging point installers West Island