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Electrical installation

Call Éconoprix Électrique for a quote. 438-802-1789  5799-0095-01
Éconoprix Électrique offers its services in Montreal and the surrounding area.

A rigorous professional at your disposal for all electrical installation work in Montreal

Éconoprix Électrique carries out electrical installation work in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Our skilled electricians will come to your home to install electrical panels, carry out wiring and connect electrical circuits.

He can also install additional sockets, manage electrical entrances, install underfloor heating and configure smart homes.

This professional also installs charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles.
He can travel as needed or in an emergency.

Electrical installation work on an occasional or emergency basis

Electrical Installation West Island
My services
  • Electrical installation work in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors
  • Electrical entrance installation
  • Underfloor heating installation
  • LED conversion
  • Connection of swimming pools and spas
  • Smart home configuration
  • Installation of charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Maintenance of Hydro-Québec wiring
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical panels
  • Electrical renovation, verification, inspection and troubleshooting
  • Emergency service for electrical problems
My advantages
  • 20 years of experience
  • Expertise
  • Technical versatility
  • Compliance with safety standards
Operating areas
  • Montreal and surrounding areas.

Electrical installation work: Stages

The electrician from Éconoprix Électrique performs an inventory of fixtures before proceeding with the work.

Next, he installs the electrical devices, taking care to comply with safety standards and ensure optimal operation.

Each step is carried out with meticulous precision, from connections to the configuration of complex systems.

Econoprix Électrique offers a wide range of services. We can meet all your electrical panel maintenance and pool and spa connection needs.

Electrical installation and other services: maintenance of electrical panels, connection of swimming pools and spas and other services

Electrical Installation Works West Island